Colored hair gel isn’t just for Halloween anymore

We’ve all seen hair coloring sprays and gels meant for helping you dress up as a “punk rocker” for that Halloween party. Turns out, high quality colored hair gel is being used by men and women around the world now to cover gray hair. This more practical use for re-coloring the hair with temporary color is becoming more popular.

Why use a colored hair gel instead of getting hair dyed?

Colored hair gels like 4RootZ and do-it-yourself hair dyes accomplish different things.

4RootZ is wearable on your own terms. It is temporary and used for daily use. After your day is over, you can shower it right out and return to your natural hair tone.

do it yourself hair dye is meant for permanent color that will grow out with your hair. It is just like salon color. You will not have to re-apply it on a daily basis, but it also begins to look bad when your roots start growing in.

Colored hair dye is easier to use, making many people prefer it. You are able to comb it right in or apply it by hand since it is a gel. You don’t have to worry about roots, either. Your roots will never grow in when applying something on a daily basis.

Colored hair gel comes in every hair color on the spectrum

Comes in every color imaginable

Aside from the greens, reds, pinks, and rainbows, you might find at Party City, professional grade, high-quality gels come in every natural color imaginable to help style away your gray.

From the brightest blonde hair to the darkest black and everything in between, 4RootZ has you “covered.”

You can check out the full array of available colors right here.

Whichever your natural or desired hair color may be, as long as it is natural, there is a 4RootZ formula that will fit your color.

Colored hair gel vs hair dyes

There are a couple of differences between semi-permanent and permanent hair color. The way they change the color of your hair and the implications of the methods used differentiate the two.

Semi-permanent hair color coats the hair. Coloring it by adding a layer of color and gloss on the surface of each strand. Permanent hair color like dyes infuses with the strands of hair themselves. In addition, permanent hair color requires for the hair shaft to be opened up, Semi-permanent hair color does not. This is why some people believe that dying hair leads to baldness.

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