I never really wanted to dye my hair because I was too afraid it would look fake or unnatural. 4Rootz provides me exactly what I was looking for – a way to quickly and temporarily hide my grays without a pricey salon bill or the chance my hair will be dyed a color for months I may not like.

- Jennifer L.

When I’m in the middle of my next color treatment, this gets me through! Where you have been all my life?!

- Alysson T.

I don’t have a ton of grays but the ones I do stick out prominently.   4 Roots is my solution to quickly hide my grays without completely dying my entire hair – most of which does not require it.  Thank you 4Rootz!  

- James S.

I always wanted a temporary way to hide my grays. I did not know I had options other than dying my hair. Recommend 4Rootz to everyone who has similar hair.

- Jared D.

I definitely was not inclined to dye my beard, but this is absolutely perfect!

- Anthony J.