Nope – all you need is a mirror . It applies and styles like any gel.

This product is great for both women and men. It can be applied to your roots, to strains of hair and even to beards.

Its a simply straight forward application process. Regardless of the extend of your grays, it will cover them instantly.

The 4Rootz products are intended to last until your next time you wash your hair. This eliminates the potential long term commitment of hair coloring that you may or may not love.

Just a simple shampoo washes it out.

Being it is a temporary dye, upon application or removal you will simply want to wash your hands with soap and water to remove any of the products from your hands.

To date we sell primarily through our website, however we are expanding our distribution channels including into many well known salons, grocery stores and pharmacies.  To ensure you can get our product in hand as quickly as possible, we recommend visiting us here!

For our full refund policy – please refer to our page for full details: www.4Rootz.com/refundpolicy