Why is 4RootZ Better Than Powders, Sprays, Wax Crayons, and Sponge On Liquid Root Covers?

“Having personally tried a full range of toot covers at all price points from drugstore to salon brands, 4RootZ is by far a preferable choice and the only one that has not required a mid-day touch up.”
-Style Chicks

The Different types of available root cover

Every gray root covering method has its own pros and cons to think about.


Powder Based

Powder-based root covers are much like high-pigment, super dark eyeshadow pens and get applied to the hair with a small flat brush. They are dark, powdery, dry, and don’t naturally reflect the light the same way natural hair would. They can look a bit strange and unnatural but will cover up your roots for a few hours at a time as needed.


There are aerosol and pump sprays available too. They distribute powder with a bit of mixed in adhesive via spray, the same way you would expect hairspray to work. They can have varying degrees of success. Root concealer sprays last as long as the adhesive that is used to apply them does. After that time has passed, the powder will start to flake and fall off of your head, falling onto the face, hands, and clothing of the user.

Whether applied by brush or by spray, power based root covers generally lack the sheen of natural, oily human hair. The light is absorbed instead of bounced off and they can appear “fake.” Not only that but, as you might assume, powder and water do not work well together. You need to keep your hair dry. If powder root concealer gets wet, you will be dealing with it running onto your skin and clothing. This includes sweat, too!


Crayon root concealers are created with a similar foundation to makeup products. They have a wax-like consistency, much like makeup used to fill in eyebrows. A benefit of wax is that it will stay right where you need it to, but it can look greasy on top of your hair. Sometimes it doesn’t look like hair at all!

Crayon root cover-up works well when you are just using it on a few little patches of gray. People tend to use these when they just have a bit of salt-and-pepper on their temples and things like that.

Wet Sprays and Sponge-on

Wet sprays and sponge-on concealers work kind of the same way you would use a sponge applicator to polish your shoes. They often look about as natural, too!

They can be used only with dry hair and are meant to last until they are shampooed out. The problem is that they tend to clump hair together, which can make it look dirty, greasy, and matted. If you are working in an office, the lighting can be harsh. When lighting like that is present, they can appear semi-transparent.

They are much easier to control when it comes to placement of the color when compared with the other methods. You can effectively hit the hard to access areas like the sideburns, temples, hairline or even your beard. When you need less coverage, they can be used to create a natural look.

Hair Coloring Gel

Gels like 4RootZ generally have all of these pros, but none of the cons. No lie! We are happy to say that your hair will not clump up, lose its natural shine, or run and drip when you get hit with a raindrop or start sweating. The color is there to stay and will last you all day or longer until you are ready to shampoo it out. The ease of use with hair coloring gels is unmatched.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can find it right here.


In our quest to cover grays and maintain a natural look, we examined all of the things that were out there at the time. We were inspired, honestly, by the lack of an all-around good product that could be used easily and works.

4RootZ was created out of necessity. All of the traditional gray coverage options had too many drawbacks. We are happy to say that we accomplished our goal and created a gray hair coverage gel that is truly one of a kind. It is easy to use, easy to remove and provides long lasting, natural looking color to the user. Men and women both can benefit from the use of 4RootZ equally.

Whether you need just a little bit to cover up some areas of gray like the sideburns, temples, or beard, you can do that. If you need to cover your entire head, you can do that too! Whatever your need, we can help you style away your gray.

Get in touch if you need any additional information or to ask if we think you are a good fit for 4RootZ.

Until next time!