Say Goodbye to Blonde Hair Dye with 4RootZ in Blonde!

Covering up your once beautiful blonde locks with DIY hair dyes? Worry not, 4RootZ blonde colored hair dye is coming soon to save you from dyes.  We are currently in development on our newest addition to the color lineup!

Brown Colored Hair Gel for Gray Hair

See the before and after on a user with light-bro/blonde hair

As you can see in the picture above, our brown color does a pretty good job of adding low lights and tinting semi-gray hair to a darker shade, accomplishing a pretty cool effect and bringing hair to a more youthful look. Soon, there will be a way to dye completely gray hair back to blonde with the same ease 4RootZ provides in the other hair colors.

Why try 4RootZ?

4RootZ really shines as a haircare product because it is easy to use. The simplicity of a gel with all of the benefits of temporary hair dye products. You can use it when you want to and forget about it when you don’t.  If you are the type of person who likes to wear your hair in different ways or only feels like they want to lose the gray sometimes., 4RootZ is perfect for you.

Solutions for blondes before the 4RootZ Blonde is released

If you have blonde hair, there are other options for you that will work before 4RootZ Blonde is released. Just a small amount of our brown color applied to the fingertips will do the trick for you.

Our formula is deeply pigmented. You only need a little bit to see serious color. Add more as you go. Start off with less, and add if you think you need more color.

Spend less time at the salon

You don’t have to worry about your roots coming in or getting touchups every couple of weeks because you apply it day-by-day as needed and wash it out when you shower, just like a regular gel.

Environmentally and hair friendly

The 4RootZ formula is alcohol-free. That means it does not hurt the environment or your hair. It also comes out of your hair with a quick shower. Most hair dyes on the market can’t make the same claim.

Give it a try for yourself

If you want to give it a try for yourself, check out our products page or look us up on Amazon.