Colored Hair Gel | Everything you need to know

Are you looking to cover up your hair color on a daily basis but aren’t into the idea of a permanent dye? Looking to just try out a color before committing? Believe it or not, colored hair gel can help you do more than tint your liberty spikes green for a Halloween party. Gels can help you re-color those gray roots and hair using the same methods you already use to slick it back (or in any other direction).

This short but info-packed guide will tell everything there is to know about colored hair gel – how to use it, the benefits, the looks you can pull off, and more.

Let’s start with the basics…

4RootZ Hair gel bottle design

What is colored hair gel?

Colored hair gel allows users to apply gel as well as color at the same time to their hair. It is most often used to cover up gray roots and hair, bringing it back to the natural shade the user desired from before going gray.

You can apply it and style it to any degree you wish. it works just like any other hair gel you would find in stores. The difference is the coloration it will apply to the hair when used.

You can use it to go from gray back to salt and pepper or gray all the way back to black. The choice is yours how, when, and to what degree you want to use it.

Who uses it?

Most often, 4RootZ and other colored hair gels like it on the market are used by men and women who need color but don’t want anything permanent. For instance, business owners who want to dress up to meet new clients but don’t care to re-color their hair on a daily basis.

Another example would be someone who was at the salon 2 weeks prior and is beginning to show signs of gray coming back in the roots. Rather than a hair mascara or something messy like that, a colored gel gives the benefit of color as well as being easy to use.

Basically, you get to style when you want and not when you don’t. It is an ease of use that no other product out there offers. Styling away gray on your own terms.


Use it just like your normal styling gel

You don’t need any special courses or professionals to apply colored hair gel for you. You just rub it into your hair the same way you would with a regular gel product.

With 4RootZ, you should squeeze out a little bit onto the tips of your fingers, rub it together in your hands, and then work it into the hair from scalp to tip.

Since this is a colored gel, you will want to be consciously getting it over the hair evenly. That’s the one difference from common gels.

No stains, no mess

4RootZ is 100% dye free. You don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothing, countertops, or pillows. It will come right off the same way it comes right out of the hair.

It is also alcohol, paraben, and wax free, so it won’t dry your hair out or leave flakes the way an alcohol-based hair gel does.

Healthy for your hair

Our formula is alcohol, paraben, and wax free. It won’t dry your hair out, damage it, or leave flakes the same way an alcohol-based hair gel does.

A special blend of natural silicone and other soothing ingredients tames frizz, adds control, and promotes a healthy shine.

You won’t have to worry about drying, splitting, dead hair the same way you will with over-dyeing, for example. Your hair will thank you for the love!


4RootZ is NEVER tested on animals! Enjoy a deep and rich hair tone along with a clean conscience.

How to wash out

How does colored hair gel wash out? The same way regular gel does. You simply wash it out in the shower with shampoo (or soap) and water. No special products needed. It comes right out along with the color tinting.


Hair coloring gel makes hair dying an easy experience. There is no hassle or unhealthy hair when you use a gel to style away your gray.

Try it for yourself!