Wondering how to get a thicker beard? 4RootZ has the answer!

Thicker and darker beard after using 4RootZ

It is pretty annoying that some people tend to grow more hair than others. You probably know a few people who seem like they’ve had full beards since the 8th grade, right? A patchy beard is something most men do not want to wear. Most choose to go clean shaven or stubble-only in order to avoid having to wear a spotty beard. Many have wondered how to get a thicker beard, but few have answers.

Since scientists haven’t developed a great way yet for a suddenly grow a thicker beard, we have a solution for you that you may not have considered. 4RootZ is a hair coloring gel product that you can apply in small quantities to fill out your beard.

We know everyone claims that shaving over and over with a razor will do the trick, but do we really want to do that? Not really…

Colored Gel for Beards

A black hair coloring gel-like 4RootZ can actually help you out with your beard hair too. Check out the post below to see for yourself how well 4RootZ can work. Of all the things you can do with 4RootZ, did you ever expect a beard thickening product to be one of them? Honestly, we didn’t think of it this way at first either. (see below)

You can see for yourself in the picture above that 4RootZ can really bring the thickness of a beard to a new level with ease. Just like you would rub a gel through your hair, you can now do the same to your beard and bring it to a thickness that you can feel more confident about.

Of course, this can also be used to re-color a beard, too. Flecks of gray can be covered in seconds using this formula. It comes in a variety of colors. Check them all out and decide which is the best for you.

Go from patchy to classy. Try 4RootZ.