What is the difference between men and women hair care products?

You see them all over the place. Haircare products “designed especially for men” or “designed with women in mind.” Is it true, though? Is there a big difference in the way men and women’s hair need to be treated for healthiness? We looked into it and were a bit surprised by what we found!

Men’s hair products vs women’s hair products

Is there a major difference in the molecular structure in the hair of men vs the hair of women? The answer is pretty much no. A product that says it’s for men doesn’t necessarily mean it scientifically formulated only for the hair that comes out of a male scalp. It also doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you’re female.

So then what is the difference?!

99% of the time the difference comes down to the way it smells. We all know that men and women SMELL differently. Usually, men’s and women’s products differ in that way alone. That, the packaging, the shape of the bottle, and the marketing are created with one or the other in mind.

And that’s pretty much it for the physical differences between formulas in men’s and women’s hair care products. Let’s dig a bit into the marketing because it can be pretty interesting to learn about why this happens.

Marketing for women’s hair care products versus men’s hair care products.

So we know that the formulas are pretty much the same aside from some small tweaks for fragrance. But the fact remains, they are positioned quite differently depending on the sex of the target customer. When say upfront information, we mean the information that you usually see were printed right on the front label.

Women’s products

Women tend to be drawn to holistic ingredients and all natural, organic products (more than men, anyway). You’ll usually see a flowery design and a stress on herbal ingredients printed right onto the packaging. Often, these same ingredients are present in both. It just happens to be something that helps marketers sell more product with Women more than it does with Men.

Men’s Products

Men, on the other hand, tend to take a more utilitarian approach to their hair care, as they do it pretty much everything else in life. Your likely to see the front label of a men’s product stressing what it does and how easily (and quickly) it gets the job done rather than all of the fancy ingredients that it has. Guys don’t like to spend time, they just want clean hair.

What’s the verdict?

When it comes down to men’s hair care products versus women’s hair care products, the difference tends to be in the marketing of the products.

The formulas are often almost exactly the same if not exactly the same. The reason that there are so many options is that there are so many different brands vying for your dollar when you go to the store.

With all these different brands will of course come many different options available to you. Think about how many different toothpaste options you have. They all do something different? Or do they all just clean your teeth?

4RootZ works for men and for women (equally)

We didn’t take a heavily gender-marketed approach with 4RootZ. It works for everyone just as well as anyone else. If you have gray hair that you feel needs to be covered up, for roots can help you out.

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Until next time, thanks for using for roots and we hope to see you soon.