A big thanks to 911Reviews for shouting out 4RootZ on their YouTube channel!

911Reviews using 4RootZ

As Adam mentions in his review view, 4RootZ is not actually a hair dye. It styles away your gray in seconds without flaking or residue. It is alcohol-free, and not damaging to your hair. It is just a normal hair gel aside from the color.

4RootZ vs Hair Dye

Adam prefers this to standard hair dyes because of their possible links to bladder cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and breast cancer.

You can check out the full video right here:

Best of all, 4RootZ washes out with just a little bit of soap and water, just like a gel. It is a healthy alternative when it comes to covering up your grays. It adds full color to your hair and is easy to apply.

4RootZ only takes a minute or two, it’s great for your hair, and it will keep you looking young and gray hair free. It works for men or for women, too. When you are ready for it to come out, you can wash it away with some simple soap or shampoo and water.

It will also thicken the hair. Adam seems to like it because it covers up his bald spot! Other users have used it on their beards with great success to make their beard look more full.

If you want to pick up 4RootZ to try for yourself, you can access it right here.