You can thicken your hair with 4RootZ

Cover bald spot with hair thickening gel 4RootZ

Have you tried just about everything to cover up that bald spot? The comb-over works only to an extent. When your hair begins to thin out, it can still show the bald spot underneath. It just looks bad. There are millions of products out there for hair thickening. A gel may not be one of the ones you considered.

We developed 4RootZ as a gel for coloring gray hair, but in the process, we ended up with a multi-purpose product. Men all over the country have been using 4RootZ to thicken the hair as well as color it. If you don’t need the color at all, you can just pick a 4RootZ color that matches your hair color.

You can see some of the results right on our Facebook page:

Pretty good, no? The difference is easy to see!

If you want to give it a try yourself, you can find our three main colors at the bottom of this page.

It can be used for thickening the hair in your beard too:

If your beard is coming in a little bit scraggly, we can help with that, too! If you have been using products to make your hair thicker and aren’t happy with the results, give 4RootZ a try.

You might be very happy with the results!

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