Rebecca Brand tries 4RootZ for herself!

4RootZ has been featured on another Youtubers video!

A big thank you to Rebecca Brand for the shout out and support! Rebecca got her start online doing food recipes (and still does tons of them) but has moved into a wider view an assortment of lifestyle videos for women.

She found 4RootZ and it allowed her to touch up her gray roots in between visits to the salon, which can be hard to pack into a busy schedule like hers!

If you’d rather read it, here is some information from the video:

Do you spend a lot of time fussing with your hair as you get ready to leave the house? Most women do. Hair is the most labor intensive part of most women’s routines.

We all try to look as good as we can, whether we are shooting videos for Youtube or not.

Rebecca discovered that using 4RootZ is an easy way to keep the roots of her hair colored and looking good in between salon visits every 6 weeks or so. When you aren’t ready to invest the time doing permanent hair color on your roots, a hair coloring gel like ours is the perfect thing to keep you looking good in the interim.

4RootZ is a temporary color. If you’ve used some temporary dyes before, you might notice them getting stuck in your hair. If you use them before getting your hair dyed, you stylist might be upset with you! When the dyes won’t come out of your hair, it makes their jobs harder or impossible.

4RootZ washes out clean, guaranteed, the same way a normal gel does. It won’t damage your hair or alter the color of it permanently, so you won’t have any issues when you visit the salon.

The best part is it takes about 5 minutes to do your roots, temples, or whole head with our formula.

Using 4RootZ

We include a handy little guide for you when you get our product. It looks something like this:

how to use colored hair gel

You can see that it is pretty simple.

First, you squeeze a little bit out onto your fingertips. 4RootZ is pretty powerful stuff. The color goes a long way with just a little bit. Make sure to take it slow because a little dot on the tip of your finger might be all you need!

Next, put it on the areas where you have the gray hair. If you are only dealing with a little bit, you will probably be applying to the roots and the temples. That is where gray usually pops up first.

If doing your whole head or hairstyle, that is pretty self-explanatory. Just do your hair the way you normally would.

After that, wash your hands. It can get a little messy. Simple soap will do the trick for you when washing 4RootZ off of your hands.

Finally, when you are ready to take 4RootZ out of your hair, just take a shower and shampoo to wash it out. It won’t dye your hair, stain your skin, or anything like that. Our formula is alcohol-free and organic.

And that’s it! 4RootZ allows you the freedom of dressing your hair up whenever you want to, and whenever you don’t want to.

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